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Ukraine President Vows to Continue Fighting Russian Forces

President Zelensky reaffirmed his country's determination to combat Russian soldiers despite the complications of the ongoing counteroffensive.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky affirmed his country’s resolve to persist in the fight against Russian forces despite the complexities of the ongoing counteroffensive. 

Speaking at the Reuters NEXT conference, he expressed confidence in Ukrainian forces delivering a significant result on the battlefield this year.

Concerns Over US Politics:

Zelensky voiced his apprehensions regarding US politics, expressing fear of potential shifts in the US foreign policy, especially concerning voices within the Republican party advocating for reduced support for Kyiv. 

He emphasized that the outcome of the US presidential election, including the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, remained uncertain for Ukraine.

Fighting Corruption and Ensuring Reconstruction:

Addressing concerns about corruption, the Ukrainian president assured that Kyiv was making progress in the fight against graft and was committed to ensuring post-war reconstruction efforts remained corruption-free. He highlighted the significant strides made in this regard.

EU Membership Aspirations:

Zelensky celebrated the progress made in Ukraine’s bid for European Union (EU) membership, emphasizing the importance of ongoing reforms. 

He stated that these reforms were crucial for EU membership and the country’s development and progress.

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