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Ugandan Ambassador Emphasizes COP28’s Focus on Climate Action

Ambassador Zaake W. Kibedi emphasises Uganda's extraordinary achievement of using 99% clean energy.

Ambassador Zaake W. Kibedi highlights Uganda’s remarkable achievement of powering itself with 99% clean energy, starkly contrasting carbon-intensive economies like China and the USA. Uganda’s low carbon footprint is a testament to its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Climate Vulnerability and Impact on Uganda:

Kibedi underscores Uganda’s susceptibility to climate change, particularly its adverse effects on vital sectors like agriculture, water resources, forestry, energy, and health. 

Climate unpredictability has begun to impede agricultural productivity, affecting the country’s economy and citizens’ well-being.

Uganda’s Resilience and Mitigation Strategies:

Uganda is firmly focused on enhancing resilience to climate change through robust policies and collaborations. 

Strategic partnerships with organizations like the National Environment and Management Authority aim to support farmers and promote sustainable practices amidst diminishing land availability due to population growth.

Emphasizing the country’s investment in renewable energy, Kibedi notes Uganda’s reliance on hydropower and ongoing collaborations with the UAE, specifically mentioning companies like AMEA Power and Masdar. 

Efforts are directed toward setting up renewable energy plants to bolster Uganda’s energy sector.

COP28’s Unique Approach:

COP28 stands out for its emphasis on actionable outcomes and inclusive participation. 

Ambassador Kibedi lauds the event’s shift from mere pledges to creating effective implementation systems involving various stakeholders, including youth and women, unlike previous COPs.

Emphasizing Collaboration and Learning:

Kibedi stresses the importance of collaboration among nations, recognizing the absence of a one-size-fits-all model for sustainable practices. 

He highlights Uganda’s expertise in clean energy production while acknowledging the opportunity for mutual learning and sharing at COP28 among over 100 participating countries.

Showcasing Capabilities and Learning from Others:

COP28 serves as a platform for Uganda to showcase its achievements and glean insights from other nations. 

Kibedi views the event as a valuable opportunity to exhibit Uganda’s capabilities while fostering a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration in addressing global climate challenges.

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