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UAE’s Strategic Stance on Israel Relations Amid Gaza Conflict

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UAE Maintains Diplomatic Ties with Israel

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to maintain its diplomatic relations with Israel despite the growing international concern over the Gaza conflict. This decision aligns with the UAE’s commitment to the Abraham Accords, established in 2020, which marked a significant shift in Arab-Israeli relations. The UAE has expressed hopes of exerting a moderating influence on Israel’s military campaign in Gaza while safeguarding its national interests​​.

Ceasefire and Humanitarian Efforts

The UAE’s immediate focus is on securing a ceasefire and establishing humanitarian corridors in the conflict zone. As a significant Gulf Arab power and a security partner of the United States, the UAE aims to moderate the public stances of Arab states to facilitate a return to broader dialogue post-conflict​​.

Call for Comprehensive Peace

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE’s President, has been active in advocating for de-escalation and a lasting peace in the region. However, despite the UAE’s closer ties with Israel, their influence in moderating the Gaza offensive has been limited. The conflict has resulted in significant casualties and raised concerns about escalating regional tensions and the emergence of new waves of extremism​​.

Anwar Gargash’s Perspective

Anwar Gargash, a diplomatic adviser to the UAE president, has emphasized the need for a swift resolution to the conflict and addressing the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian issues, including refugees, borders, and East Jerusalem. The UAE has publicly expressed its concerns about the war potentially igniting regional tensions and extremism​​.

UAE’s Role in the UN Security Council

Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, speaking at the UN Security Council, highlighted the UAE’s commitment to peace and security in the Middle East through the Abraham Accords. However, she noted that the ongoing conflict in Gaza undermines these efforts and the hope for a peaceful coexistence in the region​​.

Economic and Security Cooperation

Despite the ongoing conflict, the UAE continues to host an Israeli ambassador, indicating no end to their diplomatic ties. The UAE’s relationship with Israel includes economic and security cooperation, with Israel providing air defense systems to the UAE in response to threats from the region. These ties are part of a broader realignment of Abu Dhabi’s foreign policy, motivated by shared concerns over regional security threats, including those posed by Iran​​.

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