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UAE’s Pioneering Petrol-to-Electric Vehicle Breakthrough at COP

The introduction of the UAE's first local petrol-to-electric repurposed car at COP28 is a significant step towards Net-Zero goals.

The debut of the UAE’s inaugural homegrown petrol-to-electric repurposed vehicle at COP28 signifies a monumental stride toward the nation’s Net-Zero objectives, spearheaded by Dubai-based start-up Peec Mobility, led by 24-year-old entrepreneur Zach Faizal.

Revolutionary Repurposing Technology:

Peec Mobility’s innovation redefines conventional approaches, offering a cost-effective alternative to scrapping internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. 

Their technology repurposes retired petrol vehicles into electric ones at a fraction of the cost and time of manufacturing new electric vehicles (EVs).

Transforming Mobility and Sustainability:

Faizal emphasizes the transformative potential of re-engineering over purchasing new EVs. 

Peec’s commitment to affordability aims to render their repurposed vehicles up to 50% lower in cost than average market electric cars, addressing a critical challenge in the sector’s accessibility.

Scaling Sustainability in Transportation:

Peec Mobility’s ambitious vision extends to repurposing entire fleets, beginning with focusing on repurposing taxis in the UAE. 

Faizal’s dedication to sustainability and repurposing vehicles stemmed from his time studying abroad and now materializes in their reinvented sedans and buses.

Aligned with the UAE’s Net-Zero goal, Peec Mobility aims to reduce transportation sector emissions by 23% by 2030, targeting the repurposing of existing vehicles on the road annually to achieve this significant reduction.

Practical and Realizable Solutions:

Faizal advocates for converting existing vehicles as the most pragmatic path to Net-Zero, believing it’s more feasible than the traditional route of manufacturing new cars and scrapping old ones, which could generate additional carbon emissions.

Peec Mobility’s strategy involves setting up local ReFactories to initiate production, fostering a vision transcending the UAE. 

Faizal plans to expand globally, emphasizing the importance of charging infrastructure and transitioning into heavy manufacturing plants and gigafactories by 2030.

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