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UAE’s new law on mental health: safeguarding patient’s well-being

Legislation sets a framework to protect all.

Legislation sets a framework to protect all.

Securing Patient Rights

The government has introduced a comprehensive federal law on mental health aimed at safeguarding the rights of psychiatric patients and ensuring the delivery of optimal physical and mental care. 

This law prohibits the provision of mental health services without proper licensing and introduces age-specific protections for minors. Additionally, monitoring committees in each emirate have been established to oversee mental health services.

Regulating Patient Relations and Social Integration

One of the law’s key objectives is to regulate the relationship between patients and concerned parties while promoting social integration and reducing emotional stress on family members. 

It redefines crucial terms like “mental health” and “psychiatric patient” in accordance with the latest practices in the field.

Empowering Patients

The law ensures patients’ rights within mental health facilities, guaranteeing a comprehensive explanation of their entitlements, the process for lodging grievances, and their right to retain employment without restrictions or exploitation.

Comprehensive Support Framework

Introducing a new discharge framework, the law provides provisions for medical insurance, access to education, recreational activities, and the right for patients to nominate representatives for advocacy purposes. 

Access to psychotherapy and psychiatric medication is guaranteed, and treatment plans must be thoroughly explained to patients.

This progressive federal law on mental health in the UAE not only secures the rights of psychiatric patients but also promotes their well-being by establishing clear guidelines for care, support, and integration within society.

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