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UAE’s Masdar invests billions in UK offshore wind farm, says Rishi Sunak 

UAE clean energy giant Masdar will fund the UK renewable energy project.

UAE clean energy giant Masdar will fund the UK renewable energy project.

Massive Renewable Energy Investment

The UAE’s clean energy giant, Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), is spearheading a significant move into the UK’s renewable energy landscape. 

A whopping £11 billion ($13.9 billion) investment marks their foray into the UK’s renewable energy sector, with Masdar acquiring a substantial 49% stake in RWE’s 3-gigawatt Dogger Bank South (DBS) projects.

Masdar’s Involvement

As a prominent player in the realm of clean energy, Masdar’s involvement underscores the UAE’s commitment to sustainable initiatives on a global scale. 

This investment represents a substantial step forward in the expansion of renewable energy capacity in the UK, particularly in the offshore wind sector.

Strategic Investment for Renewable Growth

The investment in the DBS projects not only signifies Masdar’s strategic partnership but also highlights the potential for substantial renewable energy growth in the UK. 

With a focus on offshore wind farms, this venture aligns with the collective global push for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

Fostering Global Collaboration

Masdar’s significant investment stands as a testament to fostering international collaboration and exchange of clean energy expertise. 

This partnership between Masdar and RWE reflects a shared commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions and reducing carbon footprints on a global scale.

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