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UAE’s Liv digital bank introduces no-fee, instant personal loans

UAE digital bank Liv has presented a limited offer on instant personal loans without cost.

UAE digital bank Liv has presented a limited offer on instant personal loans without cost.


Liv, the first digital bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), established by Emirates NBD, has introduced an innovative digital service that offers no-fee, instant personal loans through their smartphone application.

Revolutionizing Banking Services:

Liv is at the forefront of revolutionizing the banking experience in the UAE by bringing traditional banking services to customers’ fingertips through their smartphones. Their new personal loan offering exemplifies this commitment.

No-Fee Personal Loans:

One of the standout features of this digital offering is that it comes with no additional fees. Liv customers can access personal loans swiftly and conveniently without incurring extra costs.

Instant Loan Approval:

Liv’s digital platform ensures a quick and hassle-free loan approval process. Customers can apply for personal loans through the smartphone app and receive instant approval, making it incredibly convenient for individuals seeking financial assistance.

Empowering Customers:

This initiative by Liv and Emirates NBD empowers customers by giving them the flexibility to manage their financial needs on the go. Whether it’s for a personal project, an unexpected expense, or any other financial requirement, customers can access funds with ease.


The introduction of no-fee, instant personal loans via the Liv smartphone app represents a significant step towards more accessible and efficient banking services in the UAE, showcasing how digital banks are reshaping the banking landscape in the region.

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