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UAE’s Humanitarian Mission: Bringing Warmth to Gaza


Emirates Red Crescent’s Winter Aid Initiative Benefits Thousands in Gaza

The United Arab Emirates, through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), has launched a significant humanitarian campaign in Gaza. Named ‘Operation Gallant Knight 3’, this mission focuses on providing essential winter aid to the people in the region. The initiative has successfully distributed 80,993 pieces of winter clothing, benefiting thousands of families. Additionally, food meals have been provided to 8,000 families, reaching approximately 32,000 individuals. This endeavor is part of the UAE’s annual winter aid campaign and comes under the directive of UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The campaign reflects the UAE’s commitment to supporting vulnerable communities worldwide, especially during challenging winter months. This mission in Gaza has positively impacted over 112,993 individuals, showcasing the UAE’s dedication to humanitarian efforts and global solidarity.

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