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UAE’s Frontline Against Children’s Tech Addiction

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National Campaigns and Parental Guidance Tackle Digital Overuse

As digital consumption skyrockets, the UAE is taking decisive steps to address tech addiction among children. The ‘Unplugged’ initiative is a flagship campaign focusing on reducing screen time and fostering healthier digital habits. Authorities are emphasizing the importance of recognizing addiction signs and the role of parental control in managing children’s tech use.

Experts in child psychology and digital wellness are actively collaborating with educational institutions to incorporate awareness programs into the curriculum. These programs are designed to equip students with self-regulation skills and a better understanding of the consequences of excessive screen use.

Parents are encouraged to set clear boundaries for device use at home and engage children in alternative activities that promote physical wellbeing and social interaction. Workshops and seminars are also available to help families navigate the complexities of the digital age.

The UAE’s holistic approach combines education, community engagement, and policy-making to safeguard children’s developmental health. As part of this endeavor, tech companies are being urged to create more family-friendly content and include features that help monitor and limit usage.

This proactive stance reflects the nation’s commitment to nurturing a balanced and healthy future for its younger generation, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that technology serves as a tool for enrichment rather than a source of addiction.

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