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UAE’s Etihad rail mega-project: a glimpse at Al Bithnah Rail Bridge

Al Bithnah Rail Bridge was constructed by 250 workers over 19 months.

Al Bithnah Rail Bridge was constructed by 250 workers over 19 months.


The UAE’s ambitious Etihad Rail mega project is making significant progress in its mission to connect the nation through a modern rail network. 

In this article, we explore the remarkable Al Bithnah Rail Bridge, a crucial component of this project.

The Al Bithnah Rail Bridge: A Spectacular Achievement

Standing tall at over 600 meters in length and soaring 40 meters above the ground, the Al Bithnah Rail Bridge is an engineering marvel and the tallest structure on the Etihad Rail network.

Enhancing Trade Connectivity

One of the primary goals of this viaduct is to improve trade links between Fujairah and the rest of the Emirates. This strategically located structure promises to facilitate efficient transportation and foster economic growth.

The Human Effort Behind the Structure

Over a span of 19 months, approximately 250 dedicated workers labored tirelessly to bring this awe-inspiring structure to life. 

Their commitment and hard work are a testament to the UAE’s dedication to realizing its infrastructure ambitions.

Conclusion: A Glimpse into the UAE’s

 Infrastructure Vision

The Al Bithnah Rail Bridge is just one example of the UAE’s commitment to developing a state-of-the-art rail network. 

As the country continues to invest in such ambitious projects, the future of transportation and trade within the Emirates appears brighter than ever.

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