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UAE’s commitment to global progress: President Sheikh Mohamed’s vision on Union Day

UAE President Clears Dh155 Million in Student Debts to Support Education

President says the nation remains intent on assisting governments and communities in need.

Fostering International Cooperation

President Sheikh Mohamed’s recent statement on the 52nd Union Day underscores the UAE’s unwavering dedication to fostering international cooperation, dialogue, and peace amid ongoing global challenges. 

Emphasizing the nation’s commitment to assisting communities in need, Sheikh Mohamed highlighted the importance of global involvement and the establishment of partnerships worldwide.

Citizens at the Heart of Progress

In his address carried by news agency Wam, Sheikh Mohamed emphasized the pivotal role of UAE citizens in the country’s progress. 

He emphasized that true accomplishments stem from their devotion and selflessness towards the nation, echoing the enduring values laid by the late Sheikh Zayed and his brothers. Unity and loyalty, foundational principles, remain integral to the UAE’s achievements and will continue to guide its path in the years ahead.

UAE’s Global Stature: Hosting Cop28

This year’s Union Day coincides with the UAE’s hosting of Cop28, the largest international event on the environment and climate. Sheikh Mohamed highlighted the significance of this event, underscoring the UAE’s credibility regionally and globally. 

It serves as a testament to the nation’s prominent role in addressing global issues, particularly in climate change mitigation, and reaffirms its steadfast support for sustainability initiatives.

A Vision Aligned with Values

President Sheikh Mohamed’s address reflects a vision deeply rooted in the UAE’s core values. His commitment to global cooperation, citizens’ pivotal role, and hosting significant events like Cop28 signify the nation’s steadfast dedication to a brighter and more interconnected future.

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