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UAE’s Call for Urgent Action to Prevent Wider Middle East Conflict

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The Dire Need for Diplomatic Intervention in the Middle East

In a recent development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has issued a stark warning to the United States about the escalating tensions in the Middle East, emphasizing the urgent need for a ceasefire to prevent a wider regional conflict. This situation arises amidst the ongoing war in Gaza, which is causing increasing instability in the region.

UAE Ambassador to the United Nations, Lana Nusseibeh, in an online interview from New York, expressed deep concern over the situation. She stated, “The risks are high, the war in Gaza is very clearly an open wound and it’s destabilizing the region.” She urged the US to support an immediate ceasefire, highlighting the critical role the US could play in easing tensions. This call for action marks a new level of apprehension about the cycle of attacks involving Israel, Iran and its proxies, and US forces, as the conflict in Gaza continues with widespread destruction and a soaring civilian death toll.

The situation has been further aggravated by the Iranian-backed militant group Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization by the US and European Union, which killed 1,200 people and abducted 240 others in its incursion into southern Israel. In response, Israeli troops displaced most of Gaza’s 2 million population and killed at least 25,000, as per Hamas-run health authorities. Over 60% of Gaza’s infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed, according to the World Bank.

Furthermore, President Joe Biden’s administration has refrained from demanding a halt to the Israeli military campaign and vetoed a UN Security Council demand for a ceasefire put forward by the UAE in December. Tensions have also escalated on Israel’s border with Lebanon, with almost daily skirmishes between Israeli forces and Hezbollah, the Iranian-supported Shiite militia.

The broader implications of these developments are concerning. Iranian-armed Al Houthi militants in Yemen are attacking cargo ships in the Red Sea, disrupting global trade. Additionally, Iran-linked groups are intensifying attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria. Ambassador Nusseibeh emphasized, “If the objective is not to increase extremism and terrorism in our region, this would be described as the case study for how not to do it.”

The UAE’s warning is a clear indication of the urgency with which the international community, particularly the US, needs to address the escalating conflict in the Middle East. The need for diplomatic intervention is critical to prevent further destabilization of the region and to mitigate the risk of a wider conflict. The time for action is now, to ensure peace and stability in this volatile region.

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