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UAE’s ambitious plan to halve food waste by 2030 unveiled

Minister of Climate Change and Environment wants to see the UAE as a country 'where no food is wasted.'

Minister of Climate Change and Environment wants to see the UAE as a country ‘where no food is wasted.’

Vision for a Sustainable Future

Mariam Al Mheiri, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, recently introduced the UAE’s comprehensive strategy, the Ne’ma Food Loss and Waste Reduction Roadmap. This initiative aims to achieve a 50% reduction in food waste across the nation by 2030, reflecting the country’s commitment to sustainability.

Strategic Approach

The Ne’ma Roadmap emphasizes a shift in attitudes toward food waste and the implementation of more sustainable practices. The strategy encompasses both public and private sectors, signifying a collective effort to combat food loss and promote responsible consumption.

Collaborative Efforts

To realize this vision, extensive consultations involving over 200 interviews were conducted with prominent industry players. Major entities such as Jumeirah Group, Hilton Group, Rotana Group, and Expo City have committed to supporting the UAE’s Ne’ma initiative. 

These agreements signify a shared dedication to prioritize food loss and waste reduction as a pivotal agenda.

The UAE’s bold action plan demonstrates a proactive stance in addressing food waste, aligning with global sustainability goals. This concerted effort among various sectors sets a promising trajectory toward a more conscientious and sustainable future for the nation.

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