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UAE’s Aerial Adventure: Soar Across Landscapes at Breathtaking Speeds

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Ras Al Khaimah Launches a New Aerobatic Flight Experience

Experience the Thrill: Desert, Sea, and Mountains at High Velocity

Ras Al Khaimah has introduced an exhilarating new aerobatic flight experience for adventure enthusiasts, offering a unique perspective of the region’s stunning geography at speeds reaching 400 km/h.

The Flight of a Lifetime

The flights, operated by ActionFlight, take passengers on a thrilling journey, showcasing panoramic views of the coastline, desert, and mountains. With expert pilots at the helm, these flights promise an unforgettable experience of loops, rolls, and climbs reaching 3,000 feet.

Meet the ‘Ferrari of the Skies’

ActionFlight’s EXTRA 330 aircraft, renowned for their advanced aerobatic capabilities and likened to the ‘Ferrari of the skies’, are at the center of this adventure, offering both high performance and safety.

Tailored to Every Comfort Level

While the flights are designed to exhilarate, they also respect passenger comfort, allowing for adjustments to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, from gentle glides to heart-racing maneuvers.

Booking Your Adventure

Priced at AED 2,399 for a 20-minute flight, the adventure begins with a comprehensive briefing and includes fitting for a flight suit and helmet. The first flight takes off at 7 am, with the last at 5 pm, all under the watchful guidance of experienced pilots.

Embracing Safety and Thrills

ActionFlight prioritizes safety as much as excitement, ensuring that the experience is thrilling but not overwhelming. The pilots, both former Emirates Boeing 777 commanders, bring a wealth of experience to provide a secure and thrilling journey.

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