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UAE Witnesses Surge in Gaming Activity During Ramadan Due to Reduced Work Hours

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As Ramadan unfolds, the UAE experiences a significant uptick in gaming activities, attributed to shortened working hours and increased free time, according to industry experts. Loren Roosendaal, founder and chairman of Galactic Entertainment, highlights that a notable portion of players are dedicating more time to gaming daily during Ramadan, capitalizing on the leisure hours resulting from reduced school and work schedules. Projections indicate that esports revenue is on track to reach $1.8 billion by 2025, with Ramadan emerging as a peak period for gaming enthusiasts.

In addition to prolonged gaming sessions, a noticeable trend during Ramadan is the rise in family participation in gaming. Families are coming together to play multiplayer video games, fostering stronger bonds and providing a source of relaxation. Moreover, the community is actively engaged in charitable gaming marathons, and there has been a surge in streaming Ramadan-themed content, enhancing the cultural integration of gaming within the Mena region’s communities.

To cater to the heightened interest in gaming, several companies have launched esports tournaments during Ramadan. GameCentric, in collaboration with Dubai Esports and Games Festival, has organized a Ramadan league with a Dh20,000 prize pool, garnering a substantial response from participants across various age groups. Devangshu Rath from GameCentric notes the widespread appeal of gaming during Ramadan, attracting both young and older gamers who relish the opportunity to indulge in their passion during this period of ample leisure time.

Furthermore, the gaming landscape witnesses an increase in casual gamers, with projections indicating a surge in the number of gamers in the region. Peter Oganesean, Managing Director, Middle East, HP, underscores the rising popularity of mobile gaming among casual gamers seeking quick and accessible entertainment during fasting breaks. Additionally, there is growing interest in esports and live-streaming events, offering enthusiasts avenues for competitive gaming experiences and virtual connections with like-minded individuals.

The surge in gaming activity during Ramadan aligns with a broader trend of increased participation in gaming among youngsters in the region. Devangshu Rath emphasizes the flourishing esports scene in the UAE and the Gulf region, anticipating further advancements in the industry in the coming years. Peter Oganesean attributes the growing popularity of gaming to advancements in technology, making gaming more accessible, and the proliferation of free-to-play titles, offering inclusive gaming experiences regardless of demographics.

As Ramadan unfolds, the surge in gaming activities reflects the evolving leisure preferences of individuals in the UAE, highlighting the integral role of gaming as a source of entertainment and social interaction during the holy month.

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