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UAE Weekend Weather Forecast: Partly Cloudy

According to the National Centre of Meteorology's forecast, UAE residents can expect partly overcast sky with occasional dust during the day.

As the weekend unfolds in the UAE, residents can expect partly cloudy skies with occasional dust during the daytime, according to the National Centre of Meteorology’s forecast. 

The weekend weather is characterized by diverse conditions, including the possibility of low clouds over coastal and western areas, accompanied by light rainfall.

Coastal Areas and Low Clouds:

Low clouds are anticipated to form over select coastal and western regions throughout the day, potentially resulting in light rainfall. The atmospheric conditions will contribute to a varied weather experience for residents across these areas.

Humidity and Internal Western Areas:

The weather will become more humid over certain internal western areas by night and Sunday morning. This shift in humidity levels adds an element of diversity to the weekend weather, offering a mix of conditions for residents to experience.

Wind Conditions:

The wind forecast for the weekend indicates light to moderate winds prevailing throughout the day, occasionally freshening. 

The varied wind speeds contribute to the overall weather dynamics, creating a blend of atmospheric conditions for residents to navigate.

Temperature Range:

Temperature fluctuations are expected during the weekend, with the lowest temperature dropping to 8ºC in internal parts of the country. 

Conversely, the highest temperature is projected to reach 28ºC, providing a range of temperatures for residents to experience during their weekend activities.

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