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UAE Weekend Forecast: Pleasantly Windy with a Hint of Rain

Following November's heavy rains, UAE residents are preparing for a variety of outdoor activities.

As the final extended weekend of the year approaches, UAE residents are gearing up for various outdoor activities after a notable drop in temperatures following November’s heavy rains.

Weather Outlook for December 2 – 4:

On Saturday, December 2, the National Centre of Meteorology predicts partly cloudy conditions with a chance of light rainfall in Eastern and Western regions. 

Humidity will increase at night, potentially leading to mist formation along coastal areas. Light to moderate winds are expected.

The Update for 3 and 4 December:

Sunday, December 3, is set to be partly cloudy, with light rainfall in some areas. Winds will be light to moderate, providing a pleasant breeze, and sea conditions are forecasted to be slightly moderate.

Monday, December 4, brings expectations of low clouds over Western coastal areas, creating partly cloudy conditions. Winds will be light to moderate from the Northwesterly to Northeasterly direction.

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