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UAE Weather Update: Fair Conditions with Possible Rainfall

The NCM forecasts fair to partly cloudy weather in the UAE, with the risk of convective clouds building over western parts, resulting in rain.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts fair to partly cloudy weather in the UAE, with the possibility of convective clouds forming over western areas, leading to rainfall. 

The forecast also indicates humid conditions during the night and Sunday morning in some western regions, along with light to moderate winds causing blowing dust and sand.

Weather Conditions:

The weather in the UAE is expected to be fair, with intermittent clouds. Convective clouds may develop over certain western areas, potentially resulting in rainfall. Residents are advised to stay informed about local forecasts for updates on precipitation.

Humidity and Wind:

Humidity is anticipated to increase during the night and Sunday morning in specific western areas. Light to moderate winds are expected, contributing to the possibility of blowing dust and sand. Residents should take necessary precautions in such conditions.

Temperature Range:

Temperatures are projected to range between 22°C and 35°C in Abu Dhabi and 24°C and 35°C in Dubai. Residents and visitors should consider these temperature variations when planning outdoor activities.

Sea Conditions:

Sea conditions are forecasted to be slight to medium in the Arabian Gulf and slight in the Oman Sea. Mariners and beachgoers are advised to check sea conditions before planning maritime activities.

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