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UAE Weather: Partly Cloudy Skies and Rain Alerts for the Week

The NCM issued a rain alert across the country, suggesting the possibility of rain beginning this evening and lasting three days.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has predicted partly cloudy weather conditions across the UAE. 

The center issued a rain alert for the country, indicating the possibility of rainfall starting this evening and continuing for the next three days. 

Alerts highlight the likelihood of convective clouds bringing rain to various areas, particularly towards the east.

Cloud Cover and Rainfall Patterns:

Clouds are expected to increase over the sea and islands, with potential rainfall during the night. Convective clouds may lead to varied precipitation, enhancing the overall cloud cover. 

The east, north, and coastal areas are particularly mentioned as regions where lightning, thunder, and rainfall are anticipated on Thursday and Friday.

Temperature projections indicate daytime highs of 34°C in Abu Dhabi and 33°C in Dubai. Nighttime lows are expected to reach 22°C in Abu Dhabi and 21°C in Dubai. 

The shift in weather patterns, including increased cloud cover and potential rainfall, may contribute to variations in temperature levels across the Emirates.

Wind Conditions and Sea Outlook:

Light to moderate winds are forecasted, contributing to a slight to moderate sea state in the Arabian Gulf and a slight sea state in the Oman Sea. 

Wind conditions and sea outlook are crucial in influencing weather patterns and precipitation, with the forecast providing insights into overall atmospheric dynamics.

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