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UAE Volunteers Prepare 20,000 Relief Packages for Gaza

As part of the 'Tarahum for Gaza' effort, over 5,000 volunteers in the UAE have joined forces to build 20,000 assistance parcels.

Over 5,000 volunteers in the UAE, including individuals of all ages and abilities, have joined forces to assemble 20,000 relief packages as part of the ‘Tarahum for Gaza’ campaign.

Coordinated Humanitarian Initiative:

Launched and overseen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent, the World Food Programme, the Ministry of Community Development, Dubai Cares, and 20 other charity and humanitarian organizations, the campaign successfully collected 450 tonnes of relief supplies for war-affected Palestinians in Gaza.

Volunteers assembled the relief packages at various locations, including the Festival Arena in Dubai, Al Bayt Mitwahid Centre in Sharjah, and Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

Diverse Volunteer Participation:

Hundreds of UAE national and expatriate families, including children as young as six and elderly individuals aged 60, actively participated in the campaign at the Festival Arena in Dubai Festival City during the weekend and school holiday break.

Since the launch of the ‘Tarahum for Gaza’ program, approximately 58,000 relief packages, totaling around 1,250 tonnes of food, medical supplies, and other essential items, have been prepared.

Support for War-Hit Palestinians:

This campaign is a vital part of the UAE’s commitment to aiding the war-affected Palestinian population and alleviating their suffering. 

The conflict in the region has taken a heavy toll, with thousands, including children, losing their lives. 

The United Nations recently warned that thousands more could perish as the conflict intensifies.

People in Gaza, especially children, are in dire need of food and medical supplies. 

However, providing aid is challenging due to border restrictions and other obstacles faced by the UN and aid agencies in delivering assistance to those in need.

UAE’s Humanitarian Contribution:

Abdulla Ahmed Alshehhi, chief operating officer of Dubai Cares, highlighted the variety of relief packages prepared, including food, supplies for babies, and items for women. 

The campaign, now in its second edition, attracted diverse volunteers, including children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

Emphasizing the Importance of Easily Consumable Food:

Mageed Yahia, director for the GCC region at the World Food Programme in Dubai, stressed the significance of providing food easily consumed in Gaza, where fuel and cooking facilities are scarce due to the ongoing conflict.

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