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UAE: Volunteer Registration Open for ‘Compassion for Gaza’ Relief Drive

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is inviting its citizens to participate in the 'Compassion for Gaza' charity campaign, which will begin in Abu Dhabi.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) invites its residents to volunteer for the ‘Compassion for Gaza’ relief drive, set to commence in Abu Dhabi. This humanitarian effort aims to provide vital support to those in need.

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) will oversee the relief operations, and they have provided details on how residents can contribute to this noble cause.

Humanitarian Center in Abu Dhabi:

On Sunday, October 15, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal will serve as a pivotal humanitarian center. Volunteers will prepare and assemble food and relief parcels to aid those affected.

Registration Process:

Residents interested in being part of this initiative can register by scanning the QR code provided on the ERC’s poster. The ERC has clarified that registration is open to everyone willing to participate.

Following the Abu Dhabi phase of the drive, additional relief centers will be set up in other emirates across the UAE, allowing for a wider outreach.

Gaza’s Escalating Suffering:

The situation in Gaza has been deteriorating rapidly, with Palestinians facing acute shortages of essential resources such as food, fuel, and medicine. As the conflict escalates, the death toll on both sides has tragically surpassed 3,500.

Compassion for Gaza Campaign:

The ‘Compassion for Gaza’ campaign, launched on Friday, aims to extend critical support to the vulnerable, particularly the more than one million children who constitute nearly half of the Gaza Strip’s population. 

The campaign will provide these children and their mothers with necessities, health supplies, and hygiene materials.

This call for volunteers and the ‘Compassion for Gaza’ relief drive reflects the UAE’s commitment to offering humanitarian aid and support to those affected by the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

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