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UAE Visa-Change Bus Services to Oman Fully Booked Amid Airfare Hike

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Surge in Demand for UAE-Oman Bus Services for Visa Changes

In the UAE, a significant increase in airfares has led to a surge in demand for bus services to Oman, particularly for those seeking visa changes. Travel agents are reporting that ‘visa-change packages’ are fully booked for the next ten days.

The Shift to Bus Travel

With the rise in air travel costs, many UAE residents and visitors are opting for more affordable bus services to Oman for visa changes. Firoz Maliyakkal, founder and CEO of Tahira Tours and Travels, noted an overwhelming demand for these services, with buses running at full capacity daily.

Meeting the Increased Demand

To accommodate the growing number of passengers, travel agencies have ramped up their services. Previously, three bus services were operated daily by a private aggregator. Now, eight privately operated buses, with a seating capacity of over 300, run from Sunday to Wednesday.

The Cost-Effective Alternative

The affordability of bus travel packages to Oman, ranging from Dh1,000 to Dh1,100, presents a significant cost difference compared to flights for airport-to-airport visa changes. The packages include travel visas to enter Oman, a two-month UAE visit visa, exit fees, and one-night accommodation in Oman.

The Visa Change Process

The buses from Fish Roundabout in Deira depart at 10 am, reaching the UAE-Oman border by 1 pm. After crossing the border, the visa application process is initiated, typically issued within 10 hours. Visitors can return to the Emirates the same day or opt to stay in Oman, depending on their UAE visa issuance.


The spike in demand for UAE-Oman bus services for visa changes highlights the impact of rising airfare costs and the flexibility of travelers in finding cost-effective alternatives. This trend is a testament to the adaptability of the travel industry and the importance of affordable travel options for visa procedures in the UAE.

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