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UAE University extends scholarships to Gaza students

The initiative will allow the 33 pupils to 'build their future,' presidential adviser states.

The initiative will allow the 33 pupils to ‘build their future,’ presidential adviser states.

Educational Opportunity for Gaza Students

President Sheikh Mohamed initiated a noble venture offering 33 Gazan students, both men and women, free scholarships at UAE University. 

This significant initiative is part of the UAE’s humanitarian mission, providing support to Palestinians affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Humanitarian Gesture Amplifying Education

The scholarships signify a remarkable step in supporting Palestinian youth, enabling them to pursue higher education at UAE University. 

Zaki Nusseibeh, the cultural adviser to the President and chancellor of the university, expressed gratitude for the state’s generosity, acknowledging the opportunity these scholarships provide to students from Gaza.

Commitment to Empower Future Generations

Nusseibeh emphasized the university’s commitment to supporting these students in crafting a promising educational journey, fostering their potential for a prosperous future.

A Premier Educational Institution

Established in 1976, UAE University, situated in Al Ain, boasts a history of academic excellence. 

With over 14,380 students enrolled—13,007 pursuing undergraduate courses and 1,378 in postgraduate programs—the university caters to a diverse student body from nations such as the UAE, Oman, Yemen, and Jordan. Being the country’s first national university, it stands among the top-ranked educational institutions in the UAE.

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