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UAE Travel Trends 2024: Cost-Conscious Choices and Emerging Preferences

Mila cites Georgia's affordability and proximity to the UAE as factors that make it an intriguing alternative for her impending expedition.

Canadian expat Mila Beyrouti is facing the challenge of selecting her travel destination for 2024. While undecided, the allure of Georgia has caught her attention. 

Exploring options, Mila highlights the cost-effectiveness and proximity to the UAE as factors that make Georgia an appealing choice for her upcoming adventure.

The Quest for Cost-Efficiency:

A recent survey by reveals that Mila is not alone in her pursuit of cost-conscious travel. A staggering 70% of UAE residents share the goal of minimizing vacation expenses. 

For many, this involves opting for destinations where day-to-day living is more affordable or choosing closer locales to sidestep the high costs of long-haul flights.

Luxury in Short Supply:

Intriguingly, the report predicts a shift in travel preferences for 2024. While cost is crucial, 62% of UAE-based holidaymakers are willing to invest in short-term luxury experiences upon reaching their destination. 

This includes a preference for day passes at five-star resorts over extended stays.

Drawing insights from over 27,000 respondents across 33 countries, the survey outlines global travel trends for 2024. It becomes evident that the UAE contributes significantly to shaping these trends.

Cost as the Ultimate Decider:

For South African expat Sarah and her family, cost remains paramount in travel planning. Reflecting on past experiences, Sarah emphasizes the importance of choosing destinations cheaper than the UAE. 

The family’s travel strategy involves an annual trip to South Africa and an additional international excursion, carefully selected for its affordability.

The survey indicates that 75% of UAE travelers prefer cooler climates for their vacations, a notable contrast to the global average of 56%. 

This climate-conscious choice aligns with the overall trend of seeking destinations that offer a break from the region’s warmth.

Strategic Seasonal Escapes:

To cut down on holiday expenses, 56% of UAE residents plan to schedule vacations outside peak seasons. 

Many intend to pull their children out of school during the academic session 2024, strategically leveraging off-peak times to stretch their travel budget.

Tech-Savvy Travelers:

Embracing technology, UAE residents showcase their tech-savvy side, with 60% expressing trust in artificial intelligence to plan every aspect of their trip. 

This surpasses the global average of 48%, highlighting the UAE’s inclination toward leveraging cutting-edge technology for seamless travel planning.

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