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UAE Travel Enthusiasts Plan a 24-Hour Drive Across GCC

Two UAE-based travel aficionados are embarking on an extraordinary adventure to commemorate the proposed GCC unified visit visa.

Two travel enthusiasts based in the UAE are embarking on a remarkable journey to celebrate the proposed unified visit visa for the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). 

Photographer-architect Shafi and entrepreneur Siyad have an ambitious plan to drive across all six GCC countries in just 24 hours, starting from Kuwait on October 19.

A Decade of Avid Travel:

Siyad, one of the travelers, shares, “We have been avid travelers since we first met almost 10 years ago.” Their love for exploration and travel has led to this exciting endeavor. 

Siyad is optimistic that the proposed unified GCC visit visa will encourage more regional travel.

The Route and the GCC Countries:

The journey is set to take them along the coasts of all six GCC countries. Their adventure begins in Kuwait, and from there, they’ll drive through Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE. 

Saudi Arabia will be a point of entry and exit multiple times during their journey, and they will conclude their trip in Musandam, Oman. Siyad explains, “We are planning to go up to Kasab in Musandam, although we might not make it to Oman due to time constraints.”

Spontaneous Travel and a Strong Community:

Siyad and Shafi have a penchant for spontaneous travel, often setting off on trips with just a day’s notice. They use Shafi’s SUV, which they’ve customized with cabins for cooking and sleeping, keeping their travel expenses in check. 

The travelers have a thriving Facebook community called Sanchari (traveler), which now boasts 756,000 members worldwide. Their travels often lead them to meet community members during their journeys.

Favorite GCC Travel Moments:

Reflecting on their extensive travels, the duo shares that one of their favorite trips was to Saudi Arabia earlier this year. 

Covering over 6,000 kilometers a week, they explored hidden gems in the country and created cherished memories. 

Shafi particularly admires the Rub’ Al Khali desert and Al Ula in Saudi Arabia, describing them as unforgettable destinations.

This structured format provides an insightful overview of the journey undertaken by the UAE travel enthusiasts, their travel philosophy, and the celebration of the proposed unified GCC visit visa.

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