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UAE Tops Global Ranking for Remote Work Environment

UAE Companies Utilize Remote Workforce to Reduce Costs and Drive Efficiency

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has occurred as the global leader in providing the best internet quality and e-infrastructure, making it an ideal environment for remote work, according to a recent report.

The report, published by NordLayer, a cybersecurity company, also highlights the UAE’s tourism attractiveness as a significant factor contributing to its status as a desirable remote work destination. 

The country currently holds the 8th position and boasts excellent weather conditions for six months of the year.

Criteria for Ranking:

The Global Remote Work Index (GRWI), introduced by NordLayer, evaluates countries based on four criteria: cyber safety, economic stability, digital and physical infrastructure, and social security to assess their suitability for remote work.

UAE Dominance in Multiple Categories:

The UAE clinches the top position in three of these categories, being physically the safest country globally and excelling in internet quality and e-infrastructure. 

However, it is ranked as the 45th best country for remote work, mainly due to its high cost of living.

In the GCC, the UAE stands second, following Saudi Arabia at 44th, while Qatar is 56th.

Global Rankings:

NordLayer’s evaluation this year encompasses 108 countries, compared to 66 in the previous year. 

According to this year’s data, the top 10 nations for remote work include Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, and Slovakia.

Remote work is considered a fundamental shift in how people approach productivity and work-life balance, according to Donatas Tamelis, the Managing Director at NordLayer.

Cybersecurity Practices for Remote Workers:

Tamelis recommends cybersecurity practices for remote workers, emphasizing the importance of keeping devices updated, caution with public Wi-Fi, two-factor authentication, and using strong, unique passwords.

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