UAE to Track Mandatory Child Vaccinations on Upgraded AlHosn App

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is taking important steps to ensure the vaccination of children by implementing mandatory vaccination requirements, which will soon be tracked through an upgraded version of the AlHosn app. 

Dr. Hussain Al Rand, the assistant undersecretary for Public Health at the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), emphasized the importance of these mandatory vaccinations in safeguarding children’s health and contributing to a healthier and happier nation.

Comprehensive Vaccination Records for Children: 

The upgraded AlHosn app will include comprehensive vaccination records for children, covering their vaccination history from birth until they reach the age of 18. 

This digital solution simplifies the process for parents, allowing them to ensure their children receive essential vaccinations on time. 

Importantly, Dr. Al Rand noted that children without updated vaccination certificates on the app cannot attend school.

AlHosn App: From COVID-19 Tracking to National Vaccination Platform:

Originally designed as the official UAE app for contact tracing and COVID-19 health testing, AlHosn has evolved into the nation’s primary digital healthcare platform for vaccinations. 

This upgrade represents a crucial step in achieving a higher percentage of child vaccination coverage throughout the UAE.

Two Phases of the National Immunization Programme:

Dr. Nada Al Marzooqi, the director of Public Health and Prevention at MoHAP, explained that the National Immunization Programme in the UAE consists of two phases. 

The first phase focuses on vaccinations administered from birth until age 18, with periodic schedules designed to ensure comprehensive coverage. 

The second phase encompasses seasonal flu vaccines for individuals of all ages and various population groups.

Mandatory Vaccines for Children:

Some vaccines are mandatory for children in the UAE, including those against diseases such as tuberculosis, tetanus, pneumonia, diphtheria, and HPV, among others. 

Additionally, certain vaccines may require extended doses and boosters during the school-age period. These essential vaccinations will be meticulously documented and updated on the AlHosn app.

Promoting Vaccination and Child Health: 

Dr. Al Marzooqi encouraged everyone to check the vaccination status of children and ensure that the required doses are administered, particularly for protection against common childhood diseases. 

The AlHosn app’s role in tracking these vaccinations will contribute to a healthier and more immunized future for UAE’s children.

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