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UAE to Study New Federal Highway Proposal to Ease Traffic between Dubai and Northern Emirates

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Improving Road Infrastructure for Efficient Connectivity

The United Arab Emirates is considering a significant advancement in its road infrastructure with the proposal of a new federal highway. This development is aimed at easing the traffic congestion between Dubai and the Northern Emirates, a persistent issue affecting thousands of commuters daily.

The Proposal and Its Impact

The potential new highway, upon approval and construction, will join the ranks of existing pan-UAE highways like Al Ittihad (E11), Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed (E311), and Emirates (E611) roads. This initiative comes from Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, who addressed the Federal National Council (FNC) recently. The ministry is currently studying the proposal submitted by the FNC to evaluate its feasibility.

Addressing Traffic Challenges

The primary objective of this proposal is to tackle the severe traffic congestion on federal roads linking Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Dr. Adnan Hamad Al Hammadi, an FNC member, highlighted the issue by pointing out the significant time drain caused by traffic jams, which severely impacts employees’ productivity and mental well-being.

Strategic Solutions and Innovations

In response to these concerns, the ministry is collaborating with local municipalities to explore various solutions. These include the possibility of adding more lanes to existing highways or diverting traffic through alternative routes. Additionally, the UAE is set to implement “new procedures” to streamline traffic flow. These procedures involve an integrated center for monitoring traffic and utilizing AI technology to analyze congestion causes. The roll-out of these solutions is expected in the second half of 2024.


This proposal for a new federal highway is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to enhancing its infrastructure for better connectivity and quality of life. By addressing the long-standing issue of traffic congestion, the UAE is taking a significant step towards improving the daily commute for thousands of its residents.

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