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UAE Teenage CEO Creates AI Tutor Revolutionizing Education

Quddus Pativada, a 20-year-old UAE native, has forged a different path than tech titans Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Compared to tech moguls like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, 20-year-old UAE resident Quddus Pativada has charted his course. 

Rather than pursuing a traditional university education, he dropped out to spearhead a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) tutor company.

Company Profile: ASI – Revolutionizing Learning:

Pativada, the company’s CEO, developed ASI, an AI-driven tutor designed to enhance homework support and test preparedness for students following the UAE’s national curriculum. 

ASI leverages instant feedback, personalized support, and adaptive learning to streamline the learning process.

Founding Story: From High School Graduation to Entrepreneurship:

The entrepreneurial journey began when Pativada, still in high school, collaborated with friends to explore innovative learning methods. 

Inspired by tools like FaceTime and motivated to simplify learning, the team delved into AI development. The company later secured $3 million in investments from the US and UAE.

Unlike broad AI tools, ASI focuses on the UAE’s national curriculum, providing targeted educational support. The AI tutor underwent rigorous testing phases with stakeholder feedback, ensuring alignment with curriculum guidelines and educational needs.

Ministry Collaboration: Pioneering National Integration:

ASI’s collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Education underscores its commitment to aligning with national educational objectives. 

The Ministry facilitates access to relevant materials, curriculum guidelines, and data, making ASI a pioneering force in the country’s education sector.

AI Tutor Features: Personalized and Cost-Efficient Learning:

ASI distinguishes itself by outperforming generic tools, offering personalized assistance, and operating at a fraction of the cost. Its availability 24/7 enhances accessibility for students, providing a tailored learning experience.

Students, impressed with ASI, likened it to having a knowledgeable friend. Basmla Mohammed Fawzi Alsaid Gebril expressed amazement at the AI tutor explaining concepts like a teacher. 

At the same time, Narmeen Almarzooqi praised its customization and personalized approach, describing it as more than just a tool but a friendly companion in the learning journey.

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