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UAE team triumphs in 400km rowing challenge across Abu Dhabi islands

Coastal rowing rowboats to be donated to establish future Olympic programs.

Coastal rowing rowboats to be donated to establish future Olympic programs.

Celebrating Natural Beauty and Promoting Active Lifestyle


In a remarkable display of determination and celebration of natural beauty, a dedicated UAE team has successfully completed a challenging 400km rowing expedition across 11 picturesque Abu Dhabi islands. 

The initiative, known as Row Abu Dhabi, unfolded over a span of 10 days and aimed to promote an active lifestyle while showcasing the emirate’s diverse landscapes.

The Adventurous Squad:

Comprising four lead rowers and three support crew members, the UAE team embarked on an epic island-hopping journey, navigating through the crystal-clear waters that surround Abu Dhabi. Their tenacious efforts culminated on Yas Island, marking the triumphant conclusion of this inaugural rowing event.

Overnight Camps and Grueling Days:

Undertaking the challenge with unwavering determination, the team camped out at each of the 11 islands overnight, braving the elements and immersing themselves in the natural surroundings. 

The grueling daily routine involved setting out from Ghagha and making stops at Dalma, Sir Baniyas, Fatayer, Al Bazm, Marawah, Salahah, Al Jirab, Al Nouf, and Nurai before reaching the final destination of Yas Island.

Inspiration from Previous Feats:

The inspiration behind this epic rowing challenge stemmed from the remarkable achievements of Mansour Al Dhaheri. Notably, Al Dhaheri had previously completed a 62km swim around Abu Dhabi Island in March, setting the stage for this ambitious and physically demanding rowing endeavor.

Promoting an Active Lifestyle:

Beyond the athletic prowess displayed by the team, Row Abu Dhabi sought to encourage an active lifestyle among residents and showcase the natural wonders of the emirate. The journey not only celebrated the physical beauty of Abu Dhabi but also demonstrated the potential for adventure and exploration in the region.

Triumphant Conclusion at Yas Island:

The team’s perseverance and teamwork were on full display as they reached Yas Island, successfully completing the challenging 400km rowing expedition. The triumphant conclusion of Row Abu Dhabi symbolizes the spirit of adventure and the commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in the UAE.


Row Abu Dhabi stands as a testament to the resilience and spirit of exploration within the UAE community. The successful completion of this challenging rowing odyssey underscores the potential for adventure and the celebration of natural beauty, fostering a culture of health and well-being in the emirate.

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