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UAE Supports UN-led Efforts for Yemeni Peace Agreement

The UAE has welcomed Hans Grundberg's report on attempts to reach an agreement among Yemeni parties.

The UAE has welcomed the report by Hans Grundberg, the UN’s Special Envoy for Yemen, regarding efforts to broker an agreement among Yemeni parties, expressing optimism for a forthcoming signed agreement.

Commendation for Collaborative Efforts:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) applauded the UN’s endeavors, alongside the support from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, in striving for a sustainable political resolution to the Yemeni crisis. 

This collaborative approach bolsters peace and stability in Yemen and the broader region.

Emphasizing its support for both regional and global endeavors, the UAE stands firm in endorsing a political resolution in Yemen that aligns with the Yemeni populace’s yearning for security, development, and stability.

Commitment to Yemen’s Prosperity:

The Ministry reiterated the UAE’s unwavering commitment to standing alongside the Yemeni people, advocating for their legitimate aspirations toward growth and prosperity. 

This commitment reflects the UAE’s broader objective to advance the interests and welfare of the region’s populace.

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