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UAE Students Develop Smart Greenhouse System to Combat Climate Change

UAE students developed a smart greenhouse system to safeguard crops from the effects of climate change and global warming.

Sustainability has become a prominent theme in the UAE, with 2023 declared the ‘Year of Sustainability’ and the country set to host the global climate change conference COP28 later in the year.

The importance of sustainability is a significant topic at the Expand North Star exhibition, where over 1,400 startups are presenting their products worldwide. Even schools in the UAE are promoting sustainability among their students.

Smart Greenhouse System by Al Mawakeb School Students:

Students Hamad AlAwadhi and Dawood AlAwadhi from Al Mawakeb School in Al Khawaneej have created a smart greenhouse system to protect crops from climate change impacts and global warming. 

Their system offers an intelligent and automated approach to provide the necessary energy, water, and heat for plant growth throughout the year.

Automated and Health-Promoting Farming:

The smart greenhouse system can function autonomously without human intervention, ensuring the healthy growth of plants. 

Control of the system can be achieved through a smart app, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for various farms.

Four Key Components of the System the system comprises four key components:

  1. Irrigation System: Soil moisture sensors control irrigation, ensuring plants acquire the appropriate amount of water.
  2. Water Tank: Sensors monitor the water tank’s level and automatically refill it when needed.
  3. Smart Ventilation: Sensors regulate temperature and humidity, allowing fresh air to enter the greenhouse when necessary.
  4. Artificial Lighting: Automated lighting for plants ensures they receive adequate light even when sunlight is insufficient.

The students have incorporated a protective net beneath the roof to safeguard plants from dust and sand. This net also collects water droplets from the fog.

Showcasing Innovation:

Hamad and Dawood displayed their smart greenhouse system at the Expand North Star exhibition, a part of Gitex Global, the world’s largest gathering of technology companies and startups.

This article highlights the innovation of two UAE students who have developed a smart greenhouse system to handle the challenges posed by climate change and global warming. 

Their automated and sustainable approach showcases the commitment to sustainability in the UAE and provides a practical solution for farming.

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