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UAE students awarded Rhodes Scholarships for education at Oxford 

Sara Alnajjar and Monika Mitova will embark master's degrees in September next year.

Sara Alnajjar and Monika Mitova will embark master’s degrees in September next year.

Aspirations for Influential Roles

Emirati Sara Alnajjar and Bulgarian student Monika Mitova, both seniors at NYU Abu Dhabi, have already charted ambitious paths toward shaping public policy and reporting on conflicts in the Middle East. Having secured the prestigious Rhodes scholarship, they are set to pursue their master’s degrees at Oxford University.

Academic Pursuits and Future Contributions

At 21 years old, Sara Alnajjar from Dubai is poised to delve into global governance and diplomacy at Oxford, followed by a subsequent master’s in criminology and criminal justice. Expressing her pride in representing the UAE as a Rhodes scholar, she sees this opportunity as not just distinctive but also a profound honor.

A Vision for the Future

Both scholars envision leveraging their education and experiences to contribute significantly to global discourse and policy-making. With a focus on reporting on Middle Eastern conflicts and influencing policy decisions, they aspire to make meaningful contributions in their respective fields.

A Distinctive Opportunity

The significance of this achievement isn’t lost on these young scholars. Their journey to Oxford University under the Rhodes scholarship reflects not just personal accomplishments but also an opportunity to positively impact the global narrative on critical issues like diplomacy, governance, and conflict resolution.

Sara Alnajjar and Monika Mitova’s determination to pursue higher education and actively engage in shaping policies and narratives concerning the Middle East marks the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable journey towards influencing global affairs.

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