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UAE Storm Chaser Highlights Jebel Jais and Other Picturesque Locations

Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman, a 27-year-old Emirati storm chaser, admires the UAE's tallest peak, Jebel Jais.

Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman, a 27-year-old Emirati storm chaser, expresses his admiration for Jebel Jais, the UAE’s highest peak. 

The snow-capped mountains during winter transform Jebel Jais into a captivating destination, and the picturesque route adds to its allure. Rehman highlights the positive and peaceful feelings he experiences when exploring such locations.

Jebel Jais Attractions:

Standing at 1,934 meters, Jebel Jais offers stunning views and is a popular weekend destination for locals and tourists. 

The mountain features attractions such as the world’s longest zipline and the UAE’s highest bridge, suspended 1,250 meters above sea level, contributing to its popularity.

Rehman emphasizes the great diversity of the Hajar Mountains, stretching from Dibba along the Gulf of Oman coast to Fujairah. 

The region’s unique geological composition, primarily consisting of ‘ophiolite’ rocks, contributes to its distinct plant life and the prevalence of unique species. The wadis within the Hajar Mountains support diverse freshwater environments.

Other Attractive Spots:

Fahad Rehman sheds light on other appealing spots in the UAE, including Masafi in Ras Al Khaimah, Mleiha and Al Madam areas in Sharjah, and parts of Al Ain. 

These locations transform rainfall, with Masafi’s golden mountains and Mleiha’s golden-hued dunes standing out. 

Rehman notes the changing appearance of even cosmopolitan cities like Dubai after rainfall, adopting a unique hue and vibe.

A Call for Cleanliness and Respect:

Fahad Rehman advises visitors to these areas to keep them clean, fostering a sense of pride and respect for the country. He emphasizes the need to preserve the natural beauty of these locations, encouraging responsible tourism practices.

Rehman, known for capturing nature’s beauty in his videos, describes the joy of standing under the rain and the refreshing experience it brings. He encourages others to experience it firsthand, expressing that words cannot fully convey the feeling.

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