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UAE Sky gazers Set to Witness a Lunar Eclipse on October 28

A lunar eclipse will darken the night sky on October 28 and will be visible in the UAE.

While UAE residents missed the ‘ring of fire’ annular solar eclipse, they are in for another celestial treat. On October 28, a lunar eclipse will darken the night sky and be visible in the UAE.

Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are visual from a broader geographic area, making it a collective experience for sky gazers, according to the Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG).

The lunar eclipse can be viewed from anywhere in the UAE. The best spots for witnessing this celestial event are open areas with a clear view of the Moon’s path.

Educational Event at Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre:

For an educational experience, the DAG will host an event at Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre, offering an opportunity for hundreds of people to enjoy the eclipse together.

No Special Equipment Required:

While a telescope can enhance the viewing experience, no special equipment is necessary to witness the lunar eclipse safely. Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses can be observed with the naked eye.

Eclipse Duration and Phases:

The lunar eclipse will have 1 hour and 17 minutes for the partial eclipse phase, with an overall duration of 4 and 25 minutes. The various phases of the eclipse will occur as follows:

  • The penumbral eclipse starts at 10.01 pm
  • Partial eclipse starts at 11.35 pm
  • Maximum eclipse at 12.14 am on Sunday, October 29
  • Partial eclipse ends at 12.52 am
  • Penumbral eclipse ends at 2.26am

The DAG emphasizes that celestial events like these go beyond stargazing. They contribute to our understanding of the universe, strengthen international scientific cooperation, and inspire the next generation of astronomers.

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