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UAE sets deadline for firms to fulfill Emiratisation targets

UAE Approves Dh6.4 Billion Budget to Boost Emiratisation in Private Sector

UAE companies have till December 31 to meet Emiratisation targets or face penalties.

Deadline Reminder for Private Sector

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) in the UAE has issued a two-week notice to private sector enterprises with 50 or more employees.

These firms are urged to meet the Emiratisation targets set for 2023, involving a 2 percent increase in Emirati workforce participation in skilled positions.

Impending Consequences for Non-Compliance

MoHRE has emphasized that companies failing to adhere to the annual Emiratisation targets by the end of December will face financial penalties starting from January 2024. The penalties align with the UAE’s Emiratisation policies and decisions aimed at boosting national workforce representation.

Emphasis on Compliance

The Ministry’s statement underscores the criticality of private sector compliance with Emiratisation targets. 

It seeks to incentivize and enforce the recruitment of Emirati talents in skilled roles within larger companies, promoting the integration and advancement of UAE nationals in various sectors.

The announcement serves as a proactive measure to encourage and ensure the fulfillment of Emiratisation goals, demonstrating the UAE’s commitment to enhancing local workforce participation and fostering sustainable economic growth.

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