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UAE Set to Host World’s First Flying Car Race in 2025

The UAE is preparing to host not only the world's largest autonomous car race in April 2024, but also the world's first flying car race.

In a technological extravaganza, the UAE is gearing up to host not only the world’s largest autonomous car racing in April 2024 but also potentially the world’s first flying car race. 

Maca Flight, the French hydrogen-powered flying racing car producer, has set its sights on creating a real flying racing car championship, with the UAE emerging as a top candidate to host these groundbreaking races.

Maca Flight’s Hydrogen-Powered Flying Car Takes Center Stage:

Maca Flight, an independent entity spun off from European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, made waves earlier this year with the unveiling of its hydrogen-powered flying racing car at CES 2023. 

Priced at $2 million, the single-seater car boasts a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour and zero CO2 emissions. 

During races, it will gracefully fly just 4-5 meters above the ground, providing spectators an unprecedented view.

Abu Dhabi to Host the World’s Largest Autonomous Car Racing:

Adding to the technological spectacle, Abu Dhabi will host the world’s largest racing of autonomous cars on April 28, 2024. 

Instead of racing drivers, this competition will feature coders navigating autonomous vehicles on the Formula 1 racing track of the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. Around 10 institutions are set to participate in this groundbreaking event.

Maca Flight Partners with Red Bull for Flying Car Championship:

Maca Flight has forged a partnership with Red Bull, known for its involvement in extreme sports, to advance the flying car racing project. 

The company aims to assemble the first flying car championship by the end of 2025, with potential races in Dubai, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The first race is anticipated to feature 8 to 10 participants.

Regulatory Approvals in Progress:

As Maca Flight progresses with its flying racing car venture, regulatory approvals are a key focus. Christian Pineau, the CEO of Maca Flight, emphasized the importance of obtaining the necessary certifications to avoid setbacks. 

The company is seeking approvals from French regulatory authorities and aims to operate in restricted areas without transporting passengers over populated areas.

Ambitious Goals for the Future of Flying Car Racing:

Pineau expressed optimism about the project’s future, stating, “If everything goes fine, then we should be able to put together a flying racing car championship by the end of 2025.” 

With multiple nations expressing interest, the goal is to revolutionize the racing landscape with innovative flying car competitions, pushing the boundaries of technological and automotive advancements.

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