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UAE sends power generators to aid Ukraine amid conflict

Essential supplies are being given to Ukraine via Poland.

Essential supplies are being given to Ukraine via Poland.

Humanitarian Support in Action

The UAE has dispatched a plane carrying 100 tonnes of power generators to aid those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

The shipment includes 1,640 household power generators, each with capacities ranging from 3.5 to 8 kilowatts, specifically designed to provide electricity to civilian residences.

Aid Distribution Timeline

A portion of the electric generators has already been flown to Poland, with the remaining shipment scheduled for transportation in January. This effort underscores the UAE’s ongoing commitment to offering support and relief to Ukraine, currently engaged in conflict with Russia.

Continued Commitment to Aid

Majid bin Kamal, director of humanitarian support and aid at the Office of International Affairs at the Presidential Court, affirmed the UAE’s dedication to providing sustained relief. 

Efforts extend beyond immediate aid, encompassing assistance for education and healthcare sectors, aiming to complement the recent winter aid coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Consistent Assistance Efforts

The UAE’s commitment to aiding Ukraine dates back to the conflict’s onset in February the previous year. In October 2022, following a directive from President Sheikh Mohamed, the UAE pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, reinforcing its enduring support for the country amidst the crisis.

The UAE’s recent shipment of power generators epitomizes its ongoing humanitarian aid mission, aimed at offering tangible assistance to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. 

These efforts reflect the nation’s commitment to providing comprehensive support, ranging from immediate relief aid to longer-term assistance in vital sectors.

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