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UAE Sends Medical Volunteers to Reinforce Gaza Field Hospital

Ten female medical volunteers left the UAE for Gaza to help boost the UAE-established integrated field hospital.

Ten female volunteers from the medical field departed from the UAE, heading to Gaza to bolster the UAE-established integrated field hospital. 

Their mission is to provide essential medical treatment and aid to the Palestinian people.

Support Efforts and Hospital Services:

These volunteers join a team that includes doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who have already commenced delivering crucial medical services to the injured. 

The UAE’s established field hospital in Gaza, part of the ‘Gallant Knight 3’ humanitarian operation, has received and treated the wounded in recent days.

Initiation of Hospital Services:

The Emirati integrated field hospital in Gaza began offering its treatment services on December 3, extending support to the local population and reinforcing the health system in the Gaza Strip.

Scope and Facilities of the Hospital:

Supervised by an Emirati medical team, the hospital boasts a capacity of over 150 beds. 

It is equipped with surgical operating rooms catering to various surgeries, intensive care units for adults and children, anesthesia departments, and specialized clinics covering internal medicine, dentistry, orthopedics, psychiatry, family medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, as well as advanced diagnostic facilities such as CT scans, state-of-the-art laboratories, and a pharmacy. 

The hospital also provides comprehensive medical support services.

Diverse and Qualified Medical Team:

The medical staff at the Emirati field hospital in Gaza comprises specialized and qualified professionals across various medical disciplines. 

This team is complemented by medical volunteers who contribute their expertise and support to the hospital’s operations.

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