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UAE Sends 50 Tonnes of Aid to Seychelles Amidst Devastating Floods

In reaction to the destruction caused by recent floods in Seychelles, the UAE sent a plane carrying 50 tonnes of critical food supplies.

In response to the devastation caused by recent floods in Seychelles, the UAE dispatched a plane carrying 50 tonnes of crucial food supplies. 

The aid aims to relieve thousands of families severely impacted by the calamity. The coordinated effort involved multiple humanitarian institutions within the UAE.

Commitment to Global Humanitarian Support:

Sultan Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Development Affairs, reiterated the UAE’s unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes. 

He highlighted the nation’s consistent support in addressing global crises, ranging from droughts to floods and earthquakes. 

The UAE’s response is meticulously tailored to cater to the distinct needs of each crisis, encompassing vital provisions such as food and medications.

Strengthening Bilateral Relations and Humanitarian Responsibility:

Al Shamsi emphasized that the aid shipment signifies the robust ties between the UAE and Seychelles. 

Furthermore, it underscores the UAE’s steadfast dedication to fulfilling its humanitarian obligations. 

The country’s proactive role in assisting nations grappling with natural disasters and combatting the adverse effects of climate change stands as a testament to its commitment to global welfare.

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