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UAE search and rescue team’s humanitarian mission in Derna, Libya

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Over 7,000 families benefit from the nation’s air bridge, which has held 815 tonnes of help to date.

A Lifeline Amidst Disaster

In the wake of Hurricane Daniel’s devastating impact on Derna, Libya, the UAE’s Search and Rescue Team emerges as a beacon of hope. The Ministry of Interior proudly announces their instrumental role in aiding recovery efforts.

Extensive Support for Libyan Authorities

Central to the UAE’s mission is bolstering Libyan authorities and local teams in providing essential assistance to the affected and displaced population. Their unwavering commitment stands as a testament to international solidarity in times of crisis.

Uniting Forces to Find the Missing

The Search and Rescue Team’s primary mandate is to locate the 166 missing victims of Hurricane Daniel. They leave no stone unturned, employing a comprehensive approach that spans homes, coastal areas, and debris fields. Their actions extend to providing immediate aid and relief.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Precision

Armed with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the Emirati cadres on the ground elevate their rescue operations to new heights. This technological prowess ensures swift and effective responses to the dire needs of the affected population.

Synergizing with Government Agencies

Effective disaster response hinges on seamless coordination with Libyan government agencies and relevant local institutions. The UAE’s Search and Rescue Team stands shoulder to shoulder with these entities, creating a united front in the face of adversity.

Honoring the Deceased and Offering Closure

Beyond their search and rescue missions, the team’s solemn duty encompasses identifying the victims of the hurricane. This critical step serves as both a humanitarian gesture and a pragmatic necessity for the affected families.

Commitment to the Most Vulnerable

In the heart of the crisis in Libya, the Emirati team remains unwavering in their dedication to supporting the most vulnerable communities. Their tireless efforts embody the UAE’s overarching commitment to extending aid and compassion during times of catastrophe, both domestically and abroad.

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