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“UAE Schools Unite for Poetry and Sustainability: A Dubai Initiative”

UAE Schools Unite for Poetry and Sustainability: A Dubai Initiative

“Dubai Embraces Poetry and Sustainability with 40 UAE Schools Collaboration”

In a remarkable initiative, 40 schools across the UAE are converging in Dubai to celebrate the art of poetry and underscore the importance of sustainability. This gathering marks the 13th edition of ‘The Poetic Heart – Connecting Humanity’, a significant event organized by SGI-Gulf.

The event will be hosted at the prestigious Emirates Institute of Finance auditorium, located in Dubai International Academic City. Emphasizing the theme ‘Building a sustainable future together’, the program highlights the urgency and importance of sustainable practices in today’s world. Students from various schools will participate in reciting poems, both in Arabic and English, focusing on themes that resonate deeply with global concerns, including sustainability, peace, hope, happiness, and friendship.

This poetic rendezvous is not just a platform for young, aspiring poets but also an inclusive event. It will feature special performances by students of determination from renowned institutions like The Al Noor Training Centre and Manzil. Their participation emphasizes the event’s commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of diverse talents.

Renowned poets will also grace the event, adding a layer of depth and experience to the proceedings. Their presence underscores the event’s commitment to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of poetry as an art form.

Through this unique amalgamation of poetry and sustainability themes, UAE schools in Dubai are setting a precedent for integrating cultural art forms with contemporary global issues. This initiative not only provides a stage for young voices to be heard but also instills in them the importance of sustainable living, making it a truly educational and transformative experience.

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