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UAE Schools Transform into Sustainable Farms, Teaching Agriculture

Many UAE schoolyards are being converted into farms, promoting sustainable food production and environmental awareness among kids.

Many schoolyards in the UAE are transforming into farms, fostering sustainable food production and environmental awareness among students. 

In-house farmers collaborate with pupils, imparting knowledge on farming techniques and cultivating vegetables, fruits, and herbs. 

Principals emphasize the value of hands-on learning experiences, allowing students to witness the entire life cycle of plants and understand the effort behind food production.

Student-Led Farming Initiatives:

GEMS Metropole School in Motor City incorporates a student-run farm where children actively plant seeds, nurture seedlings, and maintain the farm. 

Students engage in all aspects of farming, fostering patience and a deeper understanding of natural processes.

The school organizes farmers’ markets, featuring over 60 stalls selling sustainable goods, with proceeds reinvested into the farm. 

This initiative aims to instill eco-conscious values in students, preparing them for a future of environmental stewardship.

Forest School and Farming for Well-being:

GEMS Wesgreen International School in Sharjah introduces a unique forest school and farm project to enhance the curriculum and promote well-being. 

The initiative focuses on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and student well-being. 

The on-site farm aims to improve attendance, self-esteem, and confidence among students, fostering skills for life. Students actively participate in decision-making, choosing crops, marketing produce, and determining pricing. 

The surplus produce is utilized sustainably, aligning with the school’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Empowering Students Through On-Site Farms:

Principals highlight the educational value of on-site farms in empowering students to understand the origins of their food and appreciate the intricacies of agriculture. 

The initiative aligns with science-based learning goals, providing hands-on experiences that complement the school curriculum. 

As students actively engage in farm activities, they gain practical insights into soil consistency, irrigation, and plant life, fostering a holistic understanding of sustainable farming practices.

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