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UAE Schools Shine Among Global Finalists in Burjeel Holdings-Oxford

A team from Dubai's GEMS Our Own English High School has advanced to the finals of the renowned Burjeel Holdings-Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge.

A team from GEMS Our Own English High School in Dubai, comprising five students and educator Frithi Francis from Abu Dhabi’s Cambridge High School, have made it to the finals of the prestigious Burjeel Holdings-Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge.

Innovative Solutions and Inspirations:

Team ECO₂ from GEMS Our Own English School was impressed with their innovative solutions, ranging from piezoelectric crystals to artificial intelligence, addressing the profound challenges of climate change. 

Their inspiration stemmed from the impact of air pollution on education and food insecurity affecting households.

The challenge drew submissions globally, with finalists including teams from Poland, Syria, India, and the United States. 

These diverse finalists showcase the passion and determination among students and educators worldwide to combat climate change, making it one of the largest competitions involving the high school student and teacher community, with over 500 million participants.

High-Quality Teaching and Student Empowerment:

Teacher finalists, representing locations worldwide, submitted lesson plans demonstrating a commitment to educating about climate change, fostering a sense of purpose in students to positively impact the planet’s future.

Professor Soumitra Dutta, Dean of Said Business School at the University of Oxford, hailed the competition’s global reach, citing its role as a catalyst for innovative solutions and youth empowerment in addressing the critical issue of climate change.

Empowerment and Community-Driven Solutions:

Juliane Reinecke, Professor of Management Studies at Oxford Said, highlighted the competition’s emphasis on empowering youth to understand and address climate challenges, underscoring the significance of community-driven solutions presented by the participants.

The challenge’s final stage will witness a ‘climate change symposium: champions of change’ panel at COP28, marking the conclusion of this impactful competition.

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