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UAE Schools Prepare for Mid-Term Break with Exciting Plans

Several UAE schools are preparing for their mid-term vacation, which is set to begin next week.

Several schools in the UAE are gearing up for their mid-term break, scheduled to begin next week. 

This break offers students a much-needed pause in their academic calendar, allowing them to recharge before resuming classes.

Break Start Dates Vary:

The mid-term break will commence on different days for various schools. Some institutions will start their holiday on Monday, October 16, with classes resuming on Monday, October 23. 

Other schools have a shorter break, two days next week, on Thursday and Friday. When considering the weekend, this accounts for a four-day holiday.

UAE schools are allowed some flexibility in their academic calendar, provided they meet the minimum required number of school days. 

For schools following the Ministry of Education (MoE) curriculum, the minimum is 188 days, while for international curriculum schools, it is 182 days.

A New School Year:

Many schools have embraced the new academic year by welcoming new families and introducing innovative courses into their curriculum. 

This period allows students to adapt to their school’s routines and foster a sense of belonging within the institution.

Special Highlights and Events:

School principals have also emphasized the exciting activities planned for the mid-term break, including notable sporting events at competitive levels. 

For instance, the Dubai Schools Games Par 3 Golf Championships is an event that promises to be engaging during the holiday period.

Welcoming Diverse Students:

The enrollment of diverse students from various nationalities has marked the beginning of the academic year. This diversity is a testament to the international nature of education in the UAE.

As the mid-term break approaches, students and educators look forward to a well-deserved pause and the opportunity to participate in various enriching activities.

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