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UAE Schools Modify Diwali Celebrations Amid Gaza Crisis

Several schools in the UAE provide pupils with an extended weekend to commemorate Diwali, an Indian festival that falls on Friday, November 10.

Several schools in the UAE offer students an extended weekend to celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali, which falls on Friday, November 10. 

Gems Our Own Indian School, for example, will remain closed on both Friday and Monday, creating a four-day weekend for students.

Muted On-Campus Celebrations:

Due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, on-campus Diwali celebrations are expected to be low-key. Activities are limited to class assemblies for educational purposes.

Students have been encouraged to celebrate Diwali by donating to the ‘Tarahum – for Gaza’ relief campaign launched by the UAE’s Emirates Red Crescent (ERC). 

This campaign aims to assist Palestinians affected by the conflict in Gaza. Thousands of UAE residents have already contributed to the relief effort.

Abu Dhabi School Cancels Major Celebrations:

Shining Star International, an Abu Dhabi-based school, has canceled most of its Diwali celebrations this year in light of the ongoing crisis in Gaza. 

Principal Abhilasha Singh emphasized the catastrophic devastation in Gaza and the need for solidarity with the affected people.

Focusing on Curriculum and Prayers

In response to the Gaza crisis, the school has halted music and dance activities and is concentrating on essential parts of the curriculum. 

The school community collectively prays for peace in the region and the swift resolution of the humanitarian crisis.

Another school in Sharjah has given the day off for Diwali but has canceled all festive activities. The focus is on maintaining awareness and sensitivity to the situation in Gaza.

UAE Schools Support Gaza Relief:

Schools across the UAE have initiated collections to support Gaza relief efforts. 

They have set up collection boxes for parents and students to donate essential items such as food, blankets, tents, soap bars, toothpaste, women’s hygiene essentials, diapers, and wet wipes to aid civilians in Gaza.

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