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UAE Schools Embrace Healthy Eating: A Shift Towards Nutritious Menus

UAE Schools Embrace Healthy Eating: A Shift Towards Nutritious Menus

Ditching Deep Fryers for Healthier Choices in School Cafeterias in UAE Schools

In a significant health initiative, schools across the UAE are revamping their cafeteria menus, prioritizing nutrition over fast food options. This change involves replacing deep-fried items with healthier alternatives like baked chicken, oat meatballs, and butternut squash lasagne. This move aligns with a broader health consciousness drive in the UAE, addressing concerns about childhood obesity and promoting better eating habits among students. The emirate authorities are playing a crucial role in regulating the nutritional content of school meals, ensuring that young learners receive balanced, healthy diets. This shift not only impacts the physical health of students but also aims to instill lifelong healthy eating habits.

his healthy eating initiative in UAE schools extends beyond the menu changes. It encompasses a holistic approach to health and nutrition education, aiming to teach students about the importance of making healthy food choices. Schools are incorporating nutrition lessons into their curricula and organizing interactive activities like cooking classes and garden projects. These efforts are designed not just to provide healthier meals but also to empower students with the knowledge and skills to make informed dietary decisions. This comprehensive approach is expected to have a long-term positive impact on students’ health and well-being

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