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UAE Schools Embrace Festivities and Learning Before Winter Break

As winter vacation approaches in the UAE, educational institutions are bursting at the seams with exciting activities and important learning opportunities.

As the winter vacation approaches in the UAE, educational institutions are bustling with vibrant activities and meaningful learning experiences, balancing the holiday spirit with valuable lessons.

Private schools in Dubai are gearing up for a two-and-a-half-week winter break from December 11, 2023, to January 2, 2024, prompting a flurry of festive preparations and educational endeavors in the final days before the holidays commence.

Last Week of Term: A Valuable Learning Opportunity:

Emphasizing the significance of every class until the term’s end, school leaders stress the importance of continued learning. 

Wayne Howsen, Principal of the Aquila School, highlighted diverse learning experiences, including student visits to COP28 and entrepreneurial activities like organizing a winter souq and fundraising initiatives.

Schools have witnessed a vibrant display of festive colors as students and staff embraced the holiday spirit by donning colorful attire, spreading joy and cheer across school premises.

Activities Fostering Community Engagement:

Chandini Misra, Principal of Repton Al Barsha, reflected on the spirited atmosphere within the school, recounting events such as festive jumper days and charity bake sales organized by students to support Dubai Cares. 

The school community has actively participated in activities celebrating unity, diversity, and the UAE National Day.

Embracing Diversity and Celebrating the Season:

Educational institutions have curated a blend of cultural assemblies, creative decorations, and engaging activities, embodying the spirit of unity and diversity. 

The colorful display of UAE flags, festive decorations, and celebratory events signifies the community’s commitment to embracing diversity while cherishing the joyous season.

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