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UAE School Heads Urge Students to Guard Against Learning Regression

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UAE school heads are cautioning students about the potential risks of “learning regression” during the extended winter break. 

While acknowledging the importance of rest, educators emphasize the need for students to remain mentally engaged to avoid setbacks in their academic progress.

Research Highlights Potential Decline in Learning During Breaks:

Research by the American Educational Research Association reveals that students may experience a decline of up to 40% in their academic progress during extended breaks. 

The impact is more significant in subjects like math than reading, with higher grade levels witnessing greater loss.

Impact on Various Subjects and Grade Levels:

Educators explain that “learning loss” can vary based on factors such as a student’s age, subject matter, engagement in learning activities during the break, and the support received at home. 

While reading skills may decline, particularly in younger students, older students may experience a slowdown in vocabulary acquisition if they do not regularly read.

Mitigating Learning Loss Through Activities:

Some schools advocate assigning holiday tasks to keep students mentally active and prevent learning regression. 

Encouraging students to read regularly, solve puzzles, play educational games, and explore personal interests are suggested as effective strategies to maintain cognitive abilities during the break.

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