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UAE Residents Wake Up to Thunderstorms, Cooler Weather, and Rain

Many inhabitants in the UAE experienced severe rains, lightning, and thunder, as well as the sound of thunder.

Many residents in the UAE experienced a night full of heavy rains, lightning, and thunder, with the sound of thunder still shaking up the sky on Friday morning.

Cooler Temperatures and Cloudy Sky Expected:

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) forecasts cooler temperatures, more rain, and a cloudy sky in the UAE for the day.

The NCM has given orange and yellow alerts for most of the country, warning residents about hazardous weather conditions during outdoor activities.

Weather Alerts in Specific Regions:

The NCM has highlighted specific regions where residents should be on alert. Motorists in parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai might encounter moderate to heavy rain spells during the morning commute.

The Abu Dhabi Police have advised motorists to exercise caution due to the unstable weather and to adhere to changing speed limits displayed on electronic information boards.

Weather Forecast:

The weather forecast includes the possibility of convective cloud formation, especially in eastern and southern areas, with a chance of mist formation along the coast and internal areas by Saturday morning.

Expect light to moderate winds with occasional fresh to strong winds leading to dusty weather.

The lowest temperature is expected to drop to 19°C, while the highest temperature is projected to reach 37°C in internal parts of the country.

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